Arafa Tea

Sociopreneur & Tea Lovers in Indonesia, from head to toe(Hulu-Hilir stories).

Variance of Product

Tea for Health, Tea for Lifestyle, and Beautea

Arafa Tea Story

Begin as a Tea Lover Arafatea started to share the love story of Indonesia Tea.

Why choose Us?

Healt-Tea (Drink)Loose Leaf Premium Tea, from Local Plantation in West Java

Why choose Us?

Tea-Snack(Food)Trending snacks/meal made from greentea

Why choose Us?

Cosmeteac(Body Care)Body & Face Natural Treatment product

Tea Discovery

"The Heritage of West Java"


Why Arafa Tea?

"The Heritage of West Java"

It’s not just a cup of tea, but also show people how to enjoy each gulp of tea as an Indonesian gift from God.
ARAFATEA comes with an educative stories about the Tea which is packed through premium quality products & innovative choice of f&b.


Show a different way how to enjoy the tea!

Sociopreneur & Tea Lovers in Indonesia, from head to toe (Hulu-Hilir stories) become a commercial platform for Farmers & Stakeholder, bring a unique product, and show an educative marketing to attract potential market.


Home Production

  • Komplek Griya Cigadung Baru Blok E2 Bandung, 40191 West Java - Indonesia

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