Premium Tea

High quality tea. Single origin, no blends. Free from any contamination. Social and environmentally friendly. Keeps immunity high and helps focus


is natural ingredient that supports the automatic nervous system. Active ingredients in the tea, which help you heal and focus easily


Synergy of Premium-tea, Fruits and Herbs. Keep up the immunity. Only from high-quality ingredients. Delicious, nutritious and hygienic

Why choose Us?

Healt-Tea (Drink)Premium Tea. High L-Theanine content

Why choose Us?

Tea-Snack(Food)Snack contains a lot of L-Theanine, helps mental focus

Why choose Us?

Tea & Friends (Herb)Synergy of Premium-tea and Herbs

Tea Discovery

"Heal & Focus"

healthy lifestyle. eating and drinking premium tea helps the autonomic nervous system work optimally. easily recover from work pressure or illness, and easily focus on work


Why Arafa Tea?

"The Heritage of West Java"

We keep tea as one of man's best friends. To be free from contamination. Both physical, chemical and microbiological contamination. Working together with farmers to protect the plants, harvesting and transporting to processing and packaging. To keep the active ingredient L-Thenaine intact and plentiful. Make it easier for humans to recover quickly when sick. Quickly recover when tired. Easily focus on learning and productive activities.


Show a different way how to enjoy the tea!

Sociopreneur & Tea Lovers in Indonesia, from head to toe (Hulu-Hilir stories) become a commercial platform for Farmers & Stakeholder, bring a unique product, and show an educative marketing to attract potential market.


Home Production

  • Komplek Griya Cigadung Baru Blok E2 Bandung, 40191 West Java - Indonesia

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